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    Need Help with Payday Loans?

    Big Solutions, Inc. partners closely with our clients to help resolve stressful money management issues from overburdening payday and short term loans through debt consolidation repayment plans specifically designed for payday loan relief.  Our certified consumer credit counseling professionals always work diligently to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for consolidating payday loans based on your unique personal and financial circumstances, and clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages

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    Why Choose BSI for Payday Loan Relief?

    Big Solutions has been helping consumers with debt consolidation, budget tools and financial education for over 25 years now. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. While many Debt management Agencies deal mostly in credit card debt, BSI was one of the first organizations to work directly with payday loan lenders to establish Debt Consolidation repayment plans acceptable to Payday Loan Companies while offering dramatic reduction in monthly payments and interest for consumers. Our Creditor Relations Department is on a first name basis with many Payday Loan Credit Counseling Department officials and many Payday Loan lenders directly refer account holders to us for assistance.

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    Are You Stuck in The Payday Loan Trap?

    Payday Loans, as the name implies, were generally designed to be VERY short term loans, usually only a few days to help with emergencies or the like until a consumer was paid.  The cost of the loan would be a staggering percentage to make it worth the lenders efforts and risk. These types of loans are practically impossible to pay back on a limited budget if someone has multiple loans out and are paying them back through long-term installments. Fortunately, Payday Loan Lenders work with BSI by accepting our Debt Management Program qualifying applications for their account holders. In most cases they will freeze or adjust interest and accept a much lower monthly payment amount while still considering them as on-time payments.  These are similar DMPs that we have been administering for credit card debt with major institutions for decades.

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    About Big Solutions

    BSI, or Big Solutions, Inc. is a Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Management and Debt Consolidation organization. We have been helping consumers get out of burdening unsecured debt since 1995.

    Several years ago, BSI made the decision to modify our mission statement and protocol, changing our focus to specifically target and offer solutions for consumers trapped in the rapidly rising payday loan debt epidemic that was, and still is, taking place.

    By communicating and working with them on guidelines for acceptable terms, we have secured lucrative savings for customers who repay the loans through our Debt Management Plans. Consumers save a substantial amount, while the lenders in turn, are repaid the loans without having to send their debtors to collections or legal council. While unsubstantiated and perhaps a bit bias, we still believe we are one of the most respected Debt Consolidation agencies with creditors in the payday loan arena based on their feedback.

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    Consumer Credit Counseling

    How Can BSI Help Me?

    Most Payday Loan lenders will agree to offer special repayment arrangements to consumers who qualify to enroll in our Debt Consolidation Program. Most often, these new terms substantially lower monthly payments and interest rates, while waiving late fees and penalties. A majority of lenders will in addition, bring your account “current” if you have fallen behind with your monthly payments.

    How Does All of This Work?

    First, submit a list of your payday loan debts to consolidated with one of our counselors.  We will then formulate a Payment Plan for your review. This individualized plan specifically details what type of repayment arrangements each of your creditors will accept. BSI then consolidates all payments together into one affordable consolidated monthly amount as a result.

    Once BSI receives your first monthly payment, all creditors will be immediately notified that you have enrolled in our Debt Management Plan and to therefore adjust your account status.

    BSI issues disbursements to each of your lenders generally within one week of payment receipt. All Debt Management Programs are voluntary, and are pay as you go format. You may cancel anytime and you are under no obligation to BSI when you request a quote.  Most of all, BSI keeps all information received strictly confidential so consumers can feel at ease when discussing their situation.

    How Do I Qualify?

    BSI’s Payday Loan Debt Management Program is individually designed for consumers who are currently delinquent or experiencing difficulty with their payday loan debt due to any number of circumstances. We will review the information you provide to make certain whether this is your best available option in conclusion. When you speak to BSI, you will be talking to a Certified Credit Counselor, not a commissioned salesperson. there is no obligation or pressure, and we only take on Clients we believe we can help improve their financial situation.

    Can You Help Me With My Payday Loan?

    That’s what we do! BSI currently has pre-approved agreements with many popular short term lenders to extend their terms and hence  give our clients lower monthly payments. Payments on a plan may be reduced by almost 50% or more than the original amount per your loan terms. Debt Management Programs are set up and approved by your lenders. This is most noteworthy, as settlement or negotiation services are just the opposite, which is why they have a notorious high rate of failure.  Consumers enjoy affordable monthly payments and terms while still being considered current on their obligations. A Debt Consolidation Program usually will also bring your enrolled accounts current, while furthermore ceasing collection calls. BSI currently works with many short term lenders including:

    Speedy Cash…Spot Loans…Express Mart…Check into Cash Lending Club…North Cash…Rise Lending..CashNet USA American Web Loan…Castle Payday…Silver Cloud Financial Advance America… Allied Cash Advance…Lend Green….MaxLend White Pine…PLS…Green Valley Lending…West River Cash Golden Valley Lending… Sovereign Advance..Ace America Money Tree… EZ PayDay Loans…Mr. Money…Quick Cash All America… Cash Title Loans..Express Cash Advance..Lend Up … and many more

    Other Important Facts

    Once enrolled on a Payday Loan Consolidation Program, all future payments are made through BSI

    Enrollment in a Debt Management program is generally regarded as far preferable to bankruptcy, debt settlement, or ignoring your repayment obligations all together. While Debt Management Plans do not alter FICO scores, please be aware that your decision to work with BSI might still be noted by the various credit bureaus. Since this may or may not be considered a negative notation, it could possibly affect your short term ability to obtain credit.

    If a Debt Management Program is not your best alternative, Financial Counselors are available to still review yet other repayment strategies and plans with you at no charge. Educational, Budgeting and Counseling information can  also be provided free of cost.

    Average Debt Management repayment programs can resolve payday credit card in around five years. Utilizing a program for payday loan consolidation can clear these types of debt in generally a year or less. (NOTE: Results vary depending on the lender and the accuracy of balances furnished, among many other factors. These estimates are for comparison only and are not to be considered any affirmation of any individual Program duration.)

    Since BSI will calculate your Repayment Plan based on the balances you provide, it is extremely important that all account information is current and accurate.

    When enrolled on a Debt Management Plan with credit card debt,  lenders will close credit lines.  You may also exclude one or more cards from a consolidation program for emergencies.