Ambition, How Do You Get It? It Starts With Desire

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Ambition Starts with Desire

No success will come without ambition. Here’s a question: If you were given one hundred thousand dollars you had to spend on yourself, what would you desire? Ground rules are you can’t pay bills, give it away or use it one someone else. Take you time, think about it.

Do you have it? Great, we can now go to step two. Take your desire and get pictures of it, such as a new car, trip to Egypt, or the like.

Step three:Put the picture where you can see it most of your working hours. Great, you now have desire! The more you think about it, the more real it gets. When it gets to become a working desire, your work is done. Your job is to have the what or the why. God’s job is the HOW. Do not worry about the HOW. God will show you the way once you start the process in motion.


Desire Will Lead To Ambition

Daily affirmations will keep you thinking positive. Opportunities will start to appear out of nowhere. Desire will lead to ambition. Ambition will lead to action. Once you are moving in the right direction, God will take over as navigator. Believe me, God knows the right path. Here is your guarantee: God will not give you the dream without the ability to accomplish it.

You need ambition in every phase of your life. If you want to be healthier, kinder, happier, and with more patience, love and understanding, the process is the same. No one can keep you from achieving these goals once you turn the ambition into a burning desire. Go for it!



Article is an excerpt from the book Success and Happiness-One Day at a Time by guest author Leonard Rubino. Leonard’s book is a great read and can be found on Amazon.


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