Payday Loan Debt Consolidation-How it Works

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Payday Loan Debt Consolidation-How it Works

s Consolidating That Crushing Payday Loan Debt Last week we touched on payday loan debt consolidation and how a debt management program, also know as consumer credit counseling plan, can quickly rid you of these barbaric interest loans. Credit Counseling agencies help consumers in many ways with debt. One of which is their help with debt management programs. For those who cannot qualify for a debt consolidation loan, instead CCCS organizations work with lenders and offer consumers modified terms on their existing loans. Each lenders’ new payment amounts are then consolidated into one low payment. The benefits realized vary with

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Debt Consolidation Loans -Are They Right For Me?

Debt Consolidation Loans Looking at debt consolidation loans as a way to consolidate debt and lower payments, is where most people will start. There are different types of debt consolidation loans though, so you’ll want to see what you can qualify for and if it is the right way to get debt relief. Getting any consolidation loan will be a challenge out the gate  for those with bad credit. Getting a signature loan would be almost impossible or even trying to secure an equity line of credit will still need decent credit. Debt Consolidation Loan Types These break down into

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Debt Management Videos Series from Sage and Spirit

A while ago we had worked with The Sage and Spirit who were producing a host of short Debt Management videos. Their “Let’s Forget Debt” series detailed some of the debt relief industry workings, benefits and shortcomings. BSI has now been given permission to use the series of debt management videos on our site. There are different topics within the set touching on debt, its burdens and how to get out from it. Collection of How to Debt Management Videos The first, titled Debt Management, covers the basics of a standard debt consolidation plan done through credit counseling. It covers

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Getting out of Payday Loan Debt via Debt Management

Today’s economy has major credit card lenders tightened their lending criteria. Many in need of funds have therefore turned to payday advances and other short term loans to help make ends meet. Sadly,  most realize too late getting out of payday loan debt is a lot harder than getting into it. These cash advance type loans were designed to be bridges between pay checks in emergency cases. With consumers now opting for 12 months or more terms, and squiring multiple payday loans at a time, things can get ugly pretty quick. Payday Loans are Nothing Like a Credit Card Bill

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Do You Really Have the “Right” to Settle Debt?

You hear it on the radio and TV ads. They tell you the credit card companies don’t want you to know that you have the “right” to settle your credit card debt, but what does that mean? Can you go to court and tell the judge you heard on the radio you have the right to pay half of what you legitimately owe and borrowed? They sure make it sound like they are letting you in on some secret that it is some legal(or otherwise) right to settle debt for less than what you owe. You Do Have the Right

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Consolidacion de Deudas Debt Management Sites Acquired

BSI Now Has a Spanish Language Web Presence   BSI is pleased to announce that CRS has graciously donated to us the use of their two Spanish language Consolidacion de Deudas websites. The two websites pertain to credit counseling and debt relief services. Now there is an area that consumers can view details on these types of programs and can contact BSI directly for more information.  Available during office hours are Certified credit counselors. They are more than happy to assist those who prefer to correspond in Spanish. Debt relief options can be discussed and as such, whether

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Brexit Vote set for Tomorrow. Stocks soar in Anticipation

Markets made huge gains today in anticipation of Britain’s Brexit vote. Wall Street is betting UK will vote to stay, punctuating a huge rally at closing. The DOW was up over 230, following Monday’s huge gain trend. S&P and NASDAQ showing strong weeks as well. The question now is what will tomorrow bring?

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Vermont Taxpayers May Have Underpaid Due to Tax Software Glitch

The Associated Press is reporting today that changes made in Vermont’s tax code since last year may not be recognized by TurboTax and other popular tax preparation software, resulting in many to have underpaid their taxes for 2015. TurboTax has indicated any associated errors were addressed by April1st, however, users before that date or who may have used another brand software may run into issues, which vary with each publisher. It appears not capping deductions properly has been a major source of issue. Worse part is, Vermont may not be able to notify taxpayers of the shortage until December, yet

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New Website Launch for Big Solutions Now Device Friendly

BSI is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! We thank Drive Results for their great work. Our new site now reflects our mission with much more detail, while offering an updated appearance. A crisp menu helps navigate the site much easier for those consumers looking for more information. New Website Had to be Device Friendly Outside of dated creatives, the biggest issue with BSI’s old sites were the lack of performance on smart phones, tablets and other devices. Having an Iphone or other similar product ready site is crucial in today’s business world. Data shows 75%

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