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Is Your Growing Home-Based Business Outgrowing Your Home?

As companies grow, there may be a need to expand office space. But what if your growing company is a home-based business? Perhaps, despite family objections, you’ve not only taken up the home office, but also the guest bedroom — with the basement also full of inventory. Building codes and HOAs may eliminate the notion of building an addition to house your expanding operations. The only viable option left if you’re going to keep your home as a base for your business is to buy a larger home. While homebuying is an everyday occurrence, you may need to consider some

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Florida and Payday Loans

What is the point of Florida having a law that you can’t have out more than $500 in loans at one time? Originally it was to keep people from getting into massive debt with Payday Loan companies, and for a while it was working. Online tribal companies have since made short term payday loan funding available to Florida residence. We have seen a huge increase in consumers looking for relief with payday loan consolidation in Florida now as online access has circumvented any state laws that tried to limit amount of payday loans that can be out at one time.

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Getting Collection Calls For Payday Loan Not on My Credit Report

Getting Collection Calls For Payday Loan Not on My Credit Report Payday loan credit reporting can be very confusing. A common question is, if I’m getting collection calls for payday loan not on my credit report, do I really owe them? The answer is, maybe. The are two predominant reasons why this would happen. Payday Loan Collection Scam The names of the payday lenders and their tree of companies can be confusing. This is bad news.  It is not uncommon for people to literally not know what or who they owe. The scammer knows this and leans hard on their

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Ambition, How Do You Get It? It Starts With Desire

Ambition Starts with Desire No success will come without ambition. Here’s a question: If you were given one hundred thousand dollars you had to spend on yourself, what would you desire? Ground rules are you can’t pay bills, give it away or use it one someone else. Take you time, think about it. Do you have it? Great, we can now go to step two. Take your desire and get pictures of it, such as a new car, trip to Egypt, or the like. Step three:Put the picture where you can see it most of your working hours. Great, you

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Debt Settlement Complaints Top New CFPB Report

In November’s 2016 Consumer Finance Protection Bureau monthly report, debt settlement complaints topped their “other Financial Services” category by a whopping 2-1 over every other service in the category. The CFPB reports on all services financial. Leading the entire field are banks, collectors and credit reporting bureaus. In fact, the top 3 most complain about companies were the three reporting bureaus. Debt Settlement Complaints 50% of Entire Category Look down to the Other Financial Services category, and debt settlement services account for 50% of the complaints. The next closest were credit repair and check cashing(payday loans), which were 12% each.

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Debt Settlement for Payday Loans, rarely a Good Idea

In our last post, we talked about various ways to handle burdening payday loan debt. In this entry, we will focus on using debt settlement for payday loans type services.   Using Companies that Offer Debt Settlement for Payday Loans   Many firms offer debt settlement services today for consumers with payday loan debt issues. Whether they are a law firm or not means little. Whether an attorney is on site or not, the concept and approach are the same. The company will approach a lender for a client with an offer of usually around half of what is owed.

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Paying Back Payday Loans- Strategies and Options

Currently have multiple short term or payday loans out?  Odds are you are in the middle of the  paying back payday loans nightmare.  Unlike credit cards and other types of loans or credit lines, payday loans carry unimaginable interest rates and their payments can break the bank. Those who have become over-extended in payday loan debt often have no answers or ability to pay them back under their current terms. Why? Again in a word, interest. Paying Back Payday Loans Take an example of a borrower who takes out a $500 payday loan. The general terms of the loan may

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Hard Work vs. Easy Work, Enjoying Your Job

What Some Consider to be Hard Work, Others Consider a Hobby There is no such thing as hard work and easy work. There is only distasteful work and enjoyable work. To some, digging a ditch may seem degrading but to an archeologist it may be considered a life long dream. If you want to make your work easy, then enjoy it. If you can’t enjoy it, then stop doing what you are doing and do something you do enjoy. People get hung up on jobs. They say this is a good one or bad one. Everything is either good or

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4 Habits to Help You Get a Grip on Addiction

Overcoming addiction takes a lot of determination and strength. Without support from loved ones and little tricks to get through the rough patches, recovery can seem nearly impossible. The key is to keep positively active, doing things that benefit your wellness and keep your mind occupied. Here are a few things to incorporate into your everyday routine. Meditation for Stress Reduction Meditation has been shown to improve symptoms of mental health problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety which makes it an ideal activity for someone struggling with addiction. Meditation can be as long or as short as you need

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