What Some Consider to be Hard Work, Others Consider a Hobby

There is no such thing as hard work and easy work. There is only distasteful work and enjoyable work. To some, digging a ditch may seem degrading but to an archeologist it may be considered a life long dream. If you want to make your work easy, then enjoy it. If you can’t enjoy it, then stop doing what you are doing and do something you do enjoy. People get hung up on jobs. They say this is a good one or bad one. Everything is either good or bad by comparison. It is you doing the comparison. So if it’s bad in comparison to something else you might be doing, then to be happy and successful, you need to stop doing what you consider a bad job.

When I got out of the army, I got a job with the post office as a letter carrier. My mother was excited. She grew up during the depression and the only ones she knew who had steady jobs, worked for the government. Well, it was hard work but a good job for about five years.

Then one day when I was about 28 years old,I was sorting the mail when I glanced at the fellow to my left. He was about 35 years old but he looked more like 50. Then I looked to my right at another fellow who was 45 and he looked like he was about sixty years old. I said to myself, oh God-is this what I am going to look like in ten to twenty years? They were no further ahead in life than I was. I the took the handful of mail I was sorting, threw it in the air and declared “I QUIT”

Find a Way to Love Your Job; if not, Find a New Job and Career

My cousin, who was a few years younger and also worked there, came running from the next row over. He said, ” you can’t quit-what will you do?” I thought for half a second and said, “I’m going to be a salesman”. He looked at me with a look of admiration I will never forget. I’ve never regretted that decision. My cousin did the same thing a few months later. This was really something because his father(my uncle) was a postmaster at the branch we worked in. My cousin never regretted quitting either. He now owns a string of body shops and has done quite well. He told me he never would have had the courage if I hadn’t done it first.

The moral of this story is, don’t waste a minute doing something you hate.


Article is an excerpt from the book Success and Happiness-One Day at a Time by guest author Leonard Rubino. Leonard’s book is a great read and can be found on Amazon.


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