A while ago we had worked with The Sage and Spirit who were producing a host of short Debt Management videos. Their “Let’s Forget Debt” series detailed some of the debt relief industry workings, benefits and shortcomings. BSI has now been given permission to use the series of debt management videos on our site. There are different topics within the set touching on debt, its burdens and how to get out from it.

Collection of How to Debt Management Videos

The first, titled Debt Management, covers the basics of a standard debt consolidation plan done through credit counseling. It covers what the term mean in regards to a payback plan through a debt management agency such as BSI. Debt Management Programs are a great tool credit counseling agencies have and can offer to those who qualify.

BSI will continue to post these series of helpful links from Lets Forget Debt. Some of the narrative is based on opinion while most is fact. Sage and Spirit were involved in the debt management arena and pass on many of their own insights and experiences throughout the series. While they were an active advocate, S&S enjoyed a large following. Many readers would help others with debt advice and tips from their own experiences.

With today’s economy, consumers need to know their options regarding available help burdening debt. Debt Management plans are designed for unsecured debt only. The most common type of loans that can be paid back through a debt consolidation management plan are credit cards. Payday loans, medical bills and unsecured installment loans also can see savings on a DMP . A poor credit history is not an issue when qualifying for a Debt Management Plan. One must have a need for the assistance and have some sort of income to be able to participate in a repayment program.

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